A plant that grows in abundance in the Bavari hills of northern Dessi. Adgana is a powerful narcotic that increases strength, sharpens reflexes and enhances fighting prowess if swallowed immediately before combat. It is shunned by most warriors and outlawed in Sommerlund due to its high addictiveness. If adgana is used more than once by a warrior, the increase in fighting prowess is reduced for each subsequent use.

Adgana adds 6 Combat Skill when used. Each use, however, prompts a roll on the Random number table. If the roll is 0 or 1, then Lone Wolf has become addicted and suffers a permanent Endurance loss of 4 points. Any further uses of Adgana are only half as effective (but with no further addiction checks).


  • Pouch of Adgana Herbs

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