Akagazad is a huge fortress at the northern tip of Nyras, has long since been a stronghold of the Darklords. Serving simply as a gigantic military garrison, it houses countless thousands of spawn, many of which fled there following the collapse of Darkland power in Nyras and Zaldir. Power in Akagazad rests with various Nadziranim, all of whom once served Darklord Dakushna, the Archlord's governor of these western provinces. Following his destruction, Akagazad distanced itself from the Drakkarim's struggle against the Lencians. Following Warlord Magnaarn's reactivation of the Nyras Sceptre however, the Nadziranim were compelled to support him and Akagazad's armies marched forth once more, only to be destroyed in final defeat before the city of Darke.

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