A small gnarled shrub that produces orange berries. The berries can bring vigor to ailing bodies and help to fight certain diseases, especially those of the mind. When eaten by a healthy person, they enhance strength and quickness of reaction while numbing, at least for a while, the pain of wounds and the drain of weariness. Throughout the winter, the shrubs produce a crop of berries a day.


Using Alether only applies to the current combat and wears off after it's done. Only 1 dose per combat.

  • Alether Berries: +2 Combat Skill.
  • Potion of Alether: +2 Combat Skill.
  • Potent Potion of Alether: +4 Combat Skill.

Gamebooks Edit

Book 1:
  • GET: there's just a 4% chance to be able to obtain the potion of Alether, better forget it.
Book 2:
  • (n/a)
Book 3 (walkthrough):
  • GET: use the Discipline of Sixth Sense or Weaponskill to obtain a concentrated potion of Alether (CS+4).
  • USE: better save it for later adventures.
Book 4 (walkthrough):
  • GET: a potion of Alether is part of the treasure chest found if you manage to lead your rangers as deep as possible into the Maaken mines.
  • USE: during the battle of Ruanon, use it against a Vassagonian Itikar-rider to obtain the Onyx Medallion; otherwise, save it for the next gamebook, and use it to fight an Itikar if you don't have neither the medallion nor the Discipline of Animal Kinship.
Book 5 (walkthrough):
  • GET (1): purchase a potion of Alether in a shop in Barrakesh if you didn't get infected in the sewers.
  • USE (1): use it to dispatch quickly a guard at the Bronze Door in the palace and obtain a Blowpipe, a Sleep Dart and another potion of Alether.
  • GET (2): a potion of Alether is found with the blowpipe and the sleep dart.
  • USE (2): better save it for the next adventure.
Book 6 (walkthrough):
  • USE: unfortunately, in this adventure you need to use some Alether before you can find any; use it during the archery tournament to win the Silver Bow of Duadon.
  • GET (1-2-3): purchase up to three handfuls of Alether berries (CS+2) for 3 GC each in a village in Lyris.
  • GET (4): purchase a potion of Alether from the apothecary in Luyen.
  • USE: use it during the fight with the final boss.
Book 7 (walkthrough):
  • LOSE: near the end of this adventure you will lose the backpack with any item in it; better leave some Alether at home, and get it back in Book 8 or later.
  • GET: ...
  • USE: ...
Book 8:
  • GET: along the road to Tharro, you may obtain a Potion of Alether if you successfully visit Tadia the Prophetess.
Book 9:
  • (n/a)
Book 10:
  • GET: at the beginning of the book you may select a Potion of Alether as one of your starting equipment items.
Book 11:
  • (n/a)
Book 12:
  • (n/a)

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