Alyss is a supernatural being with demi-god like powers who attempts to help Lone Wolf and Banedon through their quests to defeat the forces of evil in Magnamund.


A mischievous-looking and -minded demi-goddess in the service of Ishir and Kai (although her morals, as Lone Wolf discovers, have also potential for evil). She appears late in the gamebook series (The Legacy of Vashna), but in the novels she takes on a more prominent role as Lone Wolf's silent guardian and Banedon's love interest.

She appears as a teenage human girl with close-cropped red hair and dressed in a short leather tunic and breeches. She has the power to make herself - and any person she designates - invisible and undetectable even to the minions of Naar, but she may drop this protection whenever she sees fit. While she is a demi-goddess, however, she has also her limitations, and at least once she requires the help of mortals as well as they require hers.

It is implied that Alyss is a relic of the truce that Ishir forged with Naar that led to the creation of Aon. Ishir did not fully trust Naar, and so withheld a part of the truth that she infused into the creation; this relic is Alyss. "Alyss was a creature for whom the normal rules did not apply." She is an integral, elemental part of Aon and has god-like powers. She is definitely on the side of the forces of Good and has an unusually permissive relationship with Ishir. She most often appeared as a teenage girl; "Her skin was nut-brown, and her short-cropped hair was coppery red. She was dressed in a battered leather jerkin and ragged trousers. Her face was thin and somewhat pinched; her cheeks were prominent. . . she was about [fifteen], . . ." (Eclipse of the Kai, p. 83)

She played a role in Lone Wolf's quest (perhaps prominently conjuring the tree branch that knocked him out in his mad dash back to the monastery, ultimately sparing him) and eventually fell in love with Banedon. She gave Vonotar the appearance of age and the hunched back that would follow him for the rest of his existence. This was a result of a magical duel that took place during the Massacre of the Kai.

She also appears in John Grant's, Albion and The World. These two books focus on her in another universe. "

In both novels an important part is played by Alyss, who of course started off in the Legends of Lone Wolf. From the first moment that she had introduced herself to me and demanded to be written about -- you cannot believe how little choice I was given in this matter -- it had been obvious that she was a character who couldn't be constrained to a single world, and indeed she has since turned up in all sorts of contexts in my fiction. But Albion represented her first foray outside Sommerlund. I had forgotten, until I was recently re-editing that book, how I had effected her transition from one world to another . . ." - Paul Barnett aka John Grant