Anari is a state of Northern Magnamund, situated East of the rolling plains that form the territory of the state of Slovia. Allied with Lourden, Firalond and Kakush, Anari is a republic whose terrain is that of hills and plains, bordered by both mountains and rivers. The state has few large settlements and is governed from the city of Tahou. Tahou itself would not be particularly notable, were it not built above the ancient city of Zaaryx, sealed from the world since the era of the Black Zakhan. Anari has often lived in fear of Vassagonia, its great eastern neighbor, with its territory being despoiled as recently as during the war against the Darklords. During this conflict, the city was besieged by both Gnaag's dark legions and the forces of Vassagonia, led by Zakhan Kimah. Thankfully, Kimah was himself defeated at the gates of Tahou by Kai Lord Lone Wolf and the arrival of Anari's allies sealed the fate of the invaders.

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