Assimilance is a Kai Grand Master Discipline. Grand Masters are able to effect striking changes to their physical appearance, and maintain these changes over a period of one to three days. They have also mastered advanced camouflage techniques which make them virtually undetectable in an open landscape. It is an improved discipline of the Magnakai Discipline Invisibility and Kai Discipline Camouflage.

On higher ranks, the following benefits can be gained by the use of the discipline:

Kai-Grand Guardian - Creates a fog-like cloud vapor that can obscure normal and infrared vision within 15 yards. The duration increases when a Grand Master improves their rank.

Sun Lord - Outlines of their body becomes blur and indistinct, giving them a bigger chance to avoid projectiles directed at them.

Grand Thane - Able to protect themselves from detection by creatures using infrared vision and ultraviolet vision.

Grand Thane (New Order series): Grand Thanes and / or other willing creatures within proximity can adopt an appearance of inanimate objects. However, the effect can only last for 10 minutes and only up to the radius of 30 feet.

Sun Prince - Able to conjure double illusions of themselves and project this image up to 30 feet. However, Grand Masters must remain in visual contact to maintain the illusion. Attacks on illusions will not cause any injuries.

Usage Edit

Assimilance is a deceptively powerful discipline. While it doesn't provide a direct combat bonus, it frequently improves one's chances of avoiding fights entirely as well as save-to-avoid rolls.

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