Banedon is a young magician studying the arcane arts at the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star, the magician's guild in Toran, a Sommerlending port north of Holmgard. When he first appears (in Flight from the Dark), he is a novice, but he quickly advances in rank throughout the series and eventually becomes Guildmaster. He later becomes Lone Wolf's teacher in the use of left-hand magic as well (in the Kai Grandmaster and the New Order series).

Lone Wolf and Banedon soon become fast friends, and they end up aiding each other considerably during Lone Wolf's adventures. Banedon's most well-known resource is his skyship - first the Skyrider, later the Cloud Dancer - with which he can transport Lone Wolf to the scene of a crisis faster than conventional transportation would allow.

In the Legends of Lone Wolf novel series he becomes romantically attracted to the demi-goddess Alyss.

See also: How to Meet Banedon in Flight from the Dark

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