The Beholder is a creature of the Daziarn Plane. Formerly known as Sinay, a great warrior, ruler of the Plain of Guakor, he fell in love with Serocca, ruler of Vhozada. To win her love, he requested the help of the Chaos Master, who complied as requested but then asked for half of Sinay's realm, who refused to fulfill this demand. So, in revenge, the Chaos Master imprisoned Serocca in a tower and turned Sinay into what he is now, as Lone Wolf met him. He became the ruler of another realm, the Abaxial of Czenos, between the elemental strongholds of Water and Fire.

Physical descriptionEdit

He is a creature with a bulbous, massive head, and super psychic abilities. Unable to walk, he is carried by a Yoacor, one of many of his subjects in his realm.

Encounter with Lone WolfEdit

As Lone Wolf entered the Daziarn Plane, the Beholder sent some Yoacor to find him and to bring him to his presence. The Beholder introduced Lone Wolf to some of the mysteries of the Daziarn and of the Shadow Gate and put Lone Wolf on the trail of the Lorestones he seeked. He seems to be absolutely unconcerned about the problems that not do not affect directly his realm. It is difficult to say if he is good or evil. We better think that he is capable of using his powers for both. Maybe the words that would suit for him are "cold intelligence".

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