A brutal tyrant, the cruelest of an evil lineage that ruled over Vassagonia, he built the grand palace in Barrakeesh with an army of slaves, prisoners from other countries he conquered in war. He personnaly oversaw its construction, and punished anyone who caused the slightest delay in its construction. He butchered his subjects indiscriminately; his favorite form of execution was to have the victim sawn in half from head to foot. After the palace was complete, he executed every slave involved in its construction so his enemies could never learn of its secret treasure chambers. His only daughters, Kebilla and Sousse openly opposed their fathers cruelty and tried to prevent the executions. As a result, he ordered them to be the first to die. After their death, he lived two more years driven mad by guilt. In the grand palace, the silence of the night was frequently broken by his moans and cries of despair and grief as he wandered from room to room looking for his daughters. He was laid to rest beside them in the Tomb of the Princesses outside the grand palace in Barrakeesh upon his death. Legend tells that the lorestone of Tahou was thrown into the Tahou Cauldron to prevent the black zakhan of Vassagonia from capturing it during the Great Khordiam War. A local legend in Phea says that he once came to wage war on the defenseless inhabitants of Phea, who had no army. The besieged people offered up prayers to the goddess Ishir, who was sufficiently moved by their plight to cause the wicked Vassagonians to become petrified right where they stood, clad in full armor and grasping their weapons.

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