Brian Williams was first noticed by Joe Dever for his work in White Dwarf magazine (circa issue 50) and the Real Life Adventure series by Jon Sutherland. Brian Williams was Joe's first choice of illustrators to replace Gary Chalk. Jon, being an old friend of Joe's, introduced the two. Brian was excited to work with Joe on the Lone Wolf series. He illustrated The Cauldron of Fear and almost every book about Magnamund since that time.

Illustrations Edit

There are 20 large illustrations per gamebook, plus several small illustrations.

Gamebook 21 (Voyage of the Moonstone) was illustrated by Trevor Newton.

Book 9: The Cauldron of Fear Edit

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Book 12: The Masters of Darkness Edit

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Book 15: The Darke Crusade Edit

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Book 18: Dawn of the Dragons Edit

Book 19: Wolf's Bane Edit

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