Walkthrough criteriaEdit

The gamebook can be completed in many different ways. This walkthrough is compiled according to the following criteria, in order of importance:

  1. assume that this several previous adventures have been played, except for some items;
  2. collect and use as many items as possible;
  3. avoid combat as much as possible, especially the strongest enemies;
  4. see as many illustrations as possible.

Getting startedEdit

Suggested Magnakai disciplinesEdit

  1. Weaponmastery with bow and sword
  2. Huntmastery (completes Lore Circle of Fire for +1 CS +2 EP)
  3. Divination
  4. Curing

Suggested equipmentEdit

Choose any one weapon:

  • Sword
  • Warhammer
  • Quarterstaff
  • Dagger
  • Axe

It is highly recommended to take the following two items:

  • Bow (Weapon)
  • Quiver (Special Items), containing six Arrows.

Take all the disposable and consumable backpack items. Gold crowns are not needed here, so you can get some and store for the next adventure.

Useful items from previous gamebooksEdit

  • Shield: CS+2, also required in one instance.
  • Silver Helm CS+2
  • Silver Bow of Duadon: Adds 3 to your score when instructed to fire an arrow.
  • Sommerswerd: it is specifically mentioned in more than one instance.
  • Kalte Firesphere: Better than the tinderbox

Walkthrough notes:Edit

1. There are several options that will lead you to instant-death results. These will be pointed out indirectly in italicized text.

2. The discipline of Curing is a life saver here. If you are required to fight creatures with venom attacks, this discipline prevents you from doubling your Endurance points losses.

3. Backpack items that are collected and non-edible should be put away for safekeeping. At the end of the adventure, your backpack will be destroyed.

4. There are several approaches that you can try out in the first two-thirds of the adventure, but for the sake of keeping combat to the minimum and navigating through with a low risk, we recommend the approach below provided you are armed with the suggested Magnakai disciplines. Feel free to experiment and try out the other routes at your own leisure.

Walkthrough Edit

Bracket nodes represents mandatory sections.

Part 1: Into The CastleEdit

(1) Between the two landings, the stone jetty on the west side is actually much easier to start, although you might be deceived by its appearance. The discipline of Divination will warn you of the illusionary rope, and allows you to avoid combat with the Black Lakeweed by allowing the boat to crash. After crashing on the jetty, continue along the beach then leap on the nearest stone slab. Take cover next to the fissue before using your torch.

(16) You will come to an area with a big stone door and a staircase. The stone door (unlocks with a Gold Key, opens to an area where you can either head north or east, that you will encounter later on, so head to the staircase. Prod the marble slab for a number engraving, then jump across the slab. Examine the remains to get Rope and a Red Robe (useful when fighting an enemy later on). Investigate the door to get a short sword and a shield. Keep searching the room to find a small parchment containing the same code you've learned earlier, and a Diamond. You will then continue to descend the stairs.

(329) You are now at the portal with a triangle puzzle switch. You definitely do not want to trigger a floor trap pit (277), so there are (13) triangles you can count. If you do not have Animal Control, you must fight the vampire bats before moving on. The stone room (161) is the same room you would encounter if you have open the stone door with a Gold key at the beginning. Take the north tunnel.

(187) Don't fire an arrow at the warrior. Instead follow him and then jump over the gap as he says. You learn that his name is Tavig. Follow him and he'll be attacked. Save him (280) in three rounds and he will give you a hint of a green chamber of death. Before leaving, search the man's body to get a vial of blue pills (Sabito) and a blanket (if you do not have a Red Robe).

(323) Examine the tapestries for a Diamond.

Part II: Zahda's MazeEdit

(165) No matter where is your starting point of this adventure and whatsoever, you will eventually be captured and put into trial. Your weapons are confiscated (just put an X on the weapon inventory of the Action Chart), so your first goal is to get a weapon, in this case the sword on the plinth.

(111) If you have Divination, you will be alerted not to pick the sword outright, so you can either lasso it with a rope or using Nexus. Picking by hand results in a Hound of Death being summoned by magic. You are still at the junction though.

Between the two exits, it is much easier to take the left. By hacking the bubbles with the sword you can safely pass through there and the sounds of the bubble bursting would frighten the hound, thus turning the creature away without killing it.

(151) The skull will tell you of an invisible bridge. If you do not have Psi-Screen or Divination, the bottle of water that you collect from Tavig's body can point you to the starting point of the invisble bridge. To put your mind at ease, you should fight the Invisible Whipmaster first before crossing. The Red Robe / Blanket helps here. However, as soon as you finish combat, collect the whistle but do not retrace your steps. Retreating is not acceptable, so head towards the beam instead.

(100) You're in the room with a tall statue. The skull will tell you of listening to the Zakhan's riddle. It may be confusing in the beginning but the answer is in the form of algebra: 

Say Y represents sons, X represents daughters. 

"As many sisters as she has brothers" meaning that excluding the first daughter, the number of sons is equivalent to the number of daughters. 

So Y = (X-1) 

"Each of her brothers has twice as many sisters as brothers." 

So X = 2(Y-1). 

Turn it into algebra: 

Y = 2(Y-1) - 1 

Y = 2Y - 2 - 1 

Y = 2Y - 3  

Y + 3 = 2Y 

3 = Y 

3 = X -1 

So we now know that the Zakhan has three sons. Number of daughters or X is 3 + 1 = 4. 

Thus, turn to (34) - 3 sons, 4 daughters. 

Note: If you decide not to or are unable to solve the riddle, the chamber will be flooded. Having Nexus with Sabito Pills is essential before you can use other means to open the door.

After that, use the Silver Whistle on the worm creature, then climb up onto the platform to see the view of the entire maze. However, your escape has triggered an alarm. At the junction, start by going left and free a prisoner. If you have Curing, Kasin will help you for a while, but if you do not, talk to him and he will tell you of a secret passage and the exit out of the Castle.

If Kasin comes with you, you must fight a Beastman gaoler. Then, do not help Kasin right away: stop the throne hall guard first.

Note: the Throne Hall Guard can also kill you if you did not rescue Kasin, and you fail a dodge scenario.

No matter what happens, Kasin bites the dust.

Part III - Acquire and EscapeEdit

(282) Before dying Kasin tells you of a secret passage so don't stand and fight or open the big doors. Instead examine the tapestries for the hidden passage. Open the door to an antechamber to retrieve all your confiscated weapons the continue to the back door of the throne hall. Immediately, destroy the black crystal (Doomstone of Herdos) then head back to the steel tube.

(250) Avoid the prison cell complex. Divination will warn you against going that way.

(315/200) Descend the steps to the stone jetty (122) to exit the Castle and to complete the adventure. (Loss of backpack and items is unavoidable for all paths.)


Enemy rosterEdit

Only unavoidable enemies will be shown.

Unavoidable enemiesEdit

Enemy  CS  EP  Section  Avoid  Notes 
Throne Hall Guard



s.81/62 (unavoidable)
Invisible Whipmaster 24 26 s.257

1. Although option given, do not evade.

2. If you choose the right side tunnel

Vampire Bats 19 32 s.183/30/308/47 If you have Psi-Surge or Animal Control Curing prevents injury incurred being doubled.