Darklord of the Crawling Fire.

The lord of Gazad Helkona and a rotund, vile creature even by the standards of his other brethren, Chlanzor rules a domain no-one else wanted and wields power noone else would desire. Sitting at the heart of the most foetid area of the Darklands, Chlanzor’s desires are known only to himself and are of interest to none of the other sons of Naar. While he does have ambitions, they rarely involve his dark siblings. He does not often have anything to do with them unless ordered to interact by the current Archlord.

Chlanzor is a rotund, squat, somewhat insectile beast with four spider legs supporting his humanoid torso. His mishappen face has a set of mandibles protruding from his wide fleshy maw and coarse black hair covers his back but his chest and arms are clammy and hairless. Chlanzor prefers to eat live prey; he rarely fights but when he does he usually begins a fight with his deadly bite and a virulent poison that either kills or incapacitates. His sign was a great black spider perched on the surface of a blazing sun.

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