A twisted, black, steel, blue-flamed dagger once owned by Darklord Vashna. It is said that when a full moon shines over the Temple of Maaken, if a royal maiden is sacrificed on the altar by using the dagger, Vashna and his army will rise in undeath from the Maakengorge. It weighs as much as a Broadsword.

Effects Edit

The Dagger of Vashna is taken by Lone Wolf after his defeat of Barraka, a cultist who was attempting to resurrect the Darklord from his imprisonment in the Maakengorge. While usable as a normal Dagger, the Dagger of Vashna is one of the few weapons Lone Wolf wields that are capable of wounding a Darklord. The Dagger can be carried into the Grand Master series; however doing so will result in the Dagger being destroyed during Lone Wolf's first encounter with Shamath in The Legacy of Vashna.

Although the Dagger of Vashna is clearly magical, there are oddly some sections which imply the Dagger can be destroyed just like a normal weapon, e.g. against the Dakomyd in The Kingdoms of Terror, and against Demonlord Tagazin in The Dungeons of Torgar.

Gamebook rules Edit


  • Book 4: can't be missed, it's obtained at the very end of the adventure.


  • Book 8: fight a Helghast (the book does not mention it, but the Dagger is clearly effective against the Helghast).
  • Book 9: defeat the Zakhan Kimah.
  • Book 12: CS+7 against a Darklord, and extra CS+5 when used in Helgedad.
  • Book 14: defeat a Helghast; helps to get past two guards.
  • Book 16: destroy a magic barrier, but the Dagger vanishes as well.
  • It cannot be carried over in gamebooks after n.16.