The Deathlord Ixiataaga, also known as The Deathlord of Ixia, is a tall creature with a goat-like skull. In his eye sockets are fiery cores of scarlet energy and he reeks of the stench of death and corruption. He is master to Demonlord Tagazin. Ixiataaga was the lieutenant of Agarash the Damned during the Age of Eternal Night, when he created armies of undead to attack the living and enslave them in living death. After the death of Agarash, the Elder Magi imprisoned him in a magical prison in his realm of Ixia. Using a shadow gate, the god Naar brought the deathstaff to Ixia, reanimated an undead, and the undead used the deathstaff to free the Deathlord from his prison. The Lencians, fearful of what this would bring, summoned Lone Wolf to make a quest to destroy the Deathlord before he would build an army capable of destroying all life on Magnamund. Lone Wolf, after an epic battle, destroyed him, and with it, the land of Ixia came alive again.

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