The Deathstaff is a powerful evil magical weapon.

Creation and purposeEdit

After "long and hard labor by the Dark God Naar, the Deathstaff was given great power and the ability to raise the imprisoned spirits of Darklord Vashna and his army from the grave to revenge themselves upon Sommerlund. It is a staff of "twisted black metal", only two meters in length. In the book The Legacy of Vashna, it was to be brought from the Plane of Darkness and utilized by Shamath, a being of great evil into the world of Magnamund and bring about the rebirth of Vashna by Cadak, Archdruid of the Cener Druids to but Lone Wolf succeeded in killing his long time opponent and destroying the Shadow Gate before the ceremony could be completed.

In the seventeenth Lone Wolf book, The Deathlord of Ixia, it is revealed that the deathstaff somehow was transported to Ixia, the frozen undead realm of the entombed Deathlord. After the defeat of the Deathlord and the destruction of Ixia, Lone Wolf discovered that while he was away, Naar had opened a shadow gate in the Durncrag Mountains and had led hordes of Lavas, or dragon creatures, attack the Kai Monastery in hopes of wiping out the Second Order Kai.

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