Deliverance (Advanced Curing) is a Kai Grand Master Discipline. Grand Masters are able to use their healing power to repair serious battle-wounds. If, while in combat, their Endurance is reduced to 8 points or less, they can draw upon their mastery to restore 20 Endurance points. This emergency ability can only be used once every 20 days. Unlike Magnakai Discipline Curing and Kai Discipline Healing, this discipline does not grant the user to recover 1 Endurance point per numbered section without combat. Lone Wolf may still draw upon the benefits of Curing and Healing as a Kai Grand Master for loyalty bonus while the Grand Master from New Order of the Kai may only rely on Curing.

On higher ranks, the following benefits can be gained from the use of this discipline:

Kai-Grand Defender - Able to repair the effects of natural decay on materials like stone, cloth, wood, metal upon physical contact.

Sun Knights - Able to repair and mend serious wounds sustained by other creatures.

Sun Thane - Able to conduct Kai Exorcism that allows banishment of any supernatural-evil that possess an object or a creature.

Grand Thane - If in a dire situation, Grand Thanes can call upon God Kai for divine assistance. Initially this can be done once a month, but the frequency increases on rank advancement.

Sun Prince - Able to regenerate lost limbs or organs on self or another person. The duration required depends on the size and the relative importance of the body part affected.

Usage Edit

Deliverance's innate effect is usually its best. Gaining 20 EP is substantially greater than even the best healing potions, and is an effect not easily duplicated. Note however that it is only usable during combat, and will not help you survive random damage until the next fight.

Deliverance's stipulation that it can only be used once every 20 days is difficult to interpret. In game-time, some adventures occur directly after another (e.g. Voyage of the Moonstone and Buccaneers of Shadaki, Rune War and Trail of the Wolf). A rigid interpretation of the rules would make Deliverance much weaker in the second book. Most commonly, it is taken to mean that the ability can be used once per adventure. There is no official ruling on this.

Some editions of the books contain a misprint that makes Deliverance's effect only apply when your Combat Skill is reduced to 8 points or less. This condition is virtually never met, making Deliverance much weaker if applying the rules while including the error.

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