Lone Wolf:Featured articles exemplify our very best work and features professional standards of writing and presentation. They have the following attributes.

  1. It is well written, comprehensive, factually accurate, pro-good and stable.
    • (a) "Well written" means that the prose is engaging, even brilliant, and of a professional standard.
    • {b) It is written from an IN-Universe perspective, and follows the chronology of events of the character, location or organization in question, NOT in order of appearance in the fiction.
    • (c) "Comprehensive" means that the article does not neglect major facts and details.
    • (d) "Factually accurate" means that claims are reliable and come from the books, Joe Dever, or a reasonable inference based on those two sources. And if there is an open question, do not be afraid to explore it, but do not let speculation consume the article. See meta:cite for the required inline format. Feel free to use primary sources to fill out the article. This is one of the key examples of how we are not like Wikipedia, so feel free to write what we know about Lone Wolf, just cite where you got it from.
    • (e) "Pro-Good" means that the article presents the World of Lone Wolf through the eyes of a moral person rooting for the good guy, and as such, feel free to label characters "evil" "vile", but in moderation and within context.
    • (f) "Stable" means that the article is not the subject of ongoing edit wars and that its content does not change significantly from day to day; vandalism reversions and improvements based on reviewers' suggestions do not apply.
    • (g)a concise lead section that summarizes the topic and prepares the reader for the higher level of detail in the subsequent sections;
    • (h) a system of hierarchical headings;
    • (i) a substantial but not overwhelming table of contents
    • (j)It has images where they are appropriate to the subject, with succinct captions and copyright status.
    • (k)It is not too short.
    • {l}Is externally linked to the appropriate Wikipedia article.
    • (m)No red links
    • (n)Properly categorized

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