Cover of 2007 release showing major plotline changes

An expanded version of Flight from the Dark is being written and will be released in 2007.


Lone Wolf valiantly fights a Giak chieftain atop the Tower of the Sun, as below the Kai lords make a desperate last stand against the overwhelming forces of the Darklord Zagarna. This is the cover of the brand new version of Flight From the Dark by Joe Dever, as illustrated by Alberto Dal Lago.


Not only is the new version of Flight from the Dark complete with a brand new cover and original interior art from industry professional Rich Longmore, but the story itself will be an extended ‘director’s cut’ version, extensively rewritten by Joe Dever himself.

No longer will you begin the adventure waking from unconsciousness to discover the Kai Monastery in ruins. Now you are there when the Darklords attack, fighting alongside your Kai masters in what will be their last battle, clearing Giak and Drakkarim assault troops from the monastery halls, defending the battlements as wave upon wave of Kraan come sweeping in to attack, fighting your way to the top of the Tower of the Sun to trigger the beacon that will warn Sommerlund that the invasion has begun, and escaping through the secret tunnel in the Grand Master’s vault that will take you to the relative safety of the surrounding forest.

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