Darklord of Blood. Ghurch, or Darklord Ghurch, is ruthless, powerful minded and his entire body speaks of massiveness and strength. Ghurch seems to be as wide at the shoulders as he is tall. His colossal head has a rich leonine mane of coarse orange hair that surrounds it. His face is a sickly orange color and his eyes burn a malevolent blue. Rows of startingly white teeth fill a lamprey-like mouth. Down both the back and front of his body run sharp bony spikes that continue along the back of his tree-like tail. Ghurch was one of the twenty Darklords who were sent to Magnamund to conquer the world for Naar, God of Darkness. He was killed in the campaign to replace Darklord Haakon along with another Darklord by Darklord Gnaag and the Nadziranim.

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