Grand Nexus is a Kai Grand Master Discipline. Grand Masters are able to withstand contact with harmful elements, such as flames and acids, for upwards of an hour in duration. This ability increases as a Grand Master advances in rank. It is an improved discipline of the Magnakai Discipline Nexus and Kai Discipline Mind Over Matter.

On higher ranks, the benefits gained from this discipline is as follows:

Sun Knight - Able to achieve the suspended animation mode, that is feigning death. In this process, they are only able to retain the ability to hear.

Grand Thane - Able to pass through Shadow Gates / astral corridors freely without suffering physical ill effects and able to detect the location of those portals. Detection range increases when rising in rank.

Grand Thane (New Order series) - Able to speak a Kai-Power word that can cause psychic and physical damage to an undead enemy.

Grand Crown - Able to speak a Kai-Power word that can cause psychic and physical damage to an enemy within the radius of 30 feet. Degree of damage depends on the endurance reserves of a Grand Master. Radius increase on rank advancement. Example of application - when fighting Zantaz in The Curse of Naar.

Usage Edit

Grand Nexus is an unusual discipline. Like some of the other disciplines (such as Grand Huntmastery and Assimilance), Grand Nexus does not directly help in combat and is typically used only in out-of-combat scenarios. Unlike the other disciplines, Grand Nexus has an all-or-nothing nature. It is checked for less often than other disciplines, but when it is checked it is often the only discipline that helps.

If you don't have Grand Nexus, odds are you will lose some EPs. This makes Grand Nexus less necessary since you can compensate by using healing items or disciplines (i.e. Deliverance). Comparatively, if you don't have a discipline like Assimilance, then you might lose some EPs, but you might also die instantly or end up in a fight. You can compensate for the latter by having a higher Combat Skill (e.g. taking Grand Weaponmastery), but there's no alternative for the former.

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