An evil, wholly, black Sword, so dense in color that it appears entirely separate from the hilt. It was forged in the depths of Helgedad. It is the sword of Darklord Kraagenskul. Use of this evil sword increases the warriors combat prowess but also drains the warriors life force.


  • The blade is unlike any that you have seen. It is wholly black, a black so dense that it appears entirely separate from the hilt, like a tear through which you glimpse the nightmare depths of space.
  • When used in combat, it will add 5 points to your COMBAT SKILL, and 7 points when used against a Darklord of Helgedad. However, prolonged use of this evil blade will weaken your ENDURANCE score. In the second and subsequent rounds of every combat in which you use the sword, you must reduce your ENDURANCE level by 1 point. This reduction is permanent.

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