Ishir is the Goddess of the Moon. She is a goddess of good. Ishir plays a crucial role in the book series, with repeated interventions to help Lone Wolf and others. Tiring of endless war with Naar, Ishir created a vessel, which Naar filled with his essence, and born of this was Aon, or the material plane of existence. Ishir was also the one who requested that the Shianti leave Magnamund with the Moonstone, and in response to their pleas, allowed them to live on the Isle of Lorn and send the Moonstone into the Trianon, a magical prison in the abyss of Daziarn.

Ishir is also (in both the gamebooks and the novel series) the deity most mentioned by name, and one of the main currencies in Magnamund, the Lune, seems to be dedicated to her. Goddess of Light and the Moon and companion of the god Kai. She was the author of the truce that lead to the creation of Magnamund. She is often typified as the leader of the Lords of Light. She and Kai created the Sommlending.