Kai-surge is a Kai Grand Master Discipline. When using their psychic ability to attack an enemy, Grand Masters may add 8 points to their Combat Skill. For every round in which Kai-surge is used, they need to deduct 1 Endurance point. They have the option of using a weaker form of psychic attack called Mindblast. When using this lesser attack, they may add 4 points to their Combat Skill without loss of Endurance points. Kai-surge, Psi-surge and Mindblast may not be used simultaneously. They cannot use Kai-surge if their Endurance score falls to 6 points or below. Psi-surge is a Magnakai Discipline and Mindblast is a Kai Discipline. As a loyalty bonus to readers, Lone Wolf may still use the earlier forms of psychic attack without mastering Kai-surge as long as he acquired them in earlier books.

On higher ranks, the benefits gained from this discipline is as follows:

Kai-Grand Guardian: Able to attack up to 3 enemies in psychic combat simultaneously.

Sun Lord: Able to use Kai-Blast, a pulse of intense psychic energy that can affect psychic active and inactive enemies. Results in losing between 2 to 18 Endurance Points. Damage is determined by the total of two numbers selected from the Random Number Table (A '0' = 1). However, a use of this will reduce the current Endurance Points score by 4 and it cannot be used in conjunction with other forms of psychic attack.

Grand Thane: Ability to focus their mind-power upon inanimate breakable objects so that they can explode violently. Any living thing within the explosion proximity can risk injury from flying shrapnel. Key example: when facing the Hounds of Vikkak in Dawn of The Dragons.

Grand Thane (for New Order series only): Able to attack up to 10 enemies in psychic combat simultaneously.

Sun Prince: Ability to use Kai-Ray, a laser beam of psychic energy that can penetrate even the strongest of psychic defenses. Results in an enemy losing 15 Endurance Points, but will cost Grand Masters 4 Endurance Points. It can only be used once and cannot be used in conjunction with other psychic attacks.

Usage Edit

Kai-surge is a powerful ability. 8 CS is stronger than that provided by Grand Weaponmastery, and the cost is only one EP per round. This cost is typically much lower than fighting the same fight with 8 lower CS. The only drawback to relying on Kai-surge is that some foes are immune.

Kai-surge should always be used if possible, unless the combat ratio is so skewed that it has minimal effect. Lone Wolf is at a disadvantage if the combat ratio is -5 or worse, while Grand Master is at a disadvantage if the combat ratio is -7 or worse.

Kai-surge has occasional out-of-combat applications. 1 EP still needs to be deducted if Kai-surge is used in these cases.

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