The Kundi are a magical race of Southern Magnamund. Kundi have the power to see Shadow Gates which are invisible to human eyes.

Physical featuresEdit

The Kundi are ape-like with squat bodies and long, prehensile tails.


Originally, the Kundi lived in Lara. When Shasarak began to create the Shadakine Empire, he went first through Lara and the Morn Pass. The Kundi opposed the advance of the Shadakine armies. Each time they ambushed the Shadakine, the Kundi would retreat back into the safety of the forests. Frustrated, Shasarak had the forest burned. The Kundi left their homeland and travelled through the Shuri Mountains, then the Forest of Fernmost and finally the Kashima Mountains after which they disappeared. They became known as the Lost Tribe of Lara.

Grey Star found the Kundi in the Cloud Forest where they lived in communities in the tops of the Azawood trees. The King at the time was named Okosa and the Shaman was named Urik.

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