Lone Wolf, originally named Silent Wolf by the Order of the Kai was born as Landar. He is the main character and hero of the fictional game series Lone Wolf (gamebooks) written by Joe Dever. He was born in MS 5036 in Dage. He was thought to be an inattentive Initiate of the Kai Monks. Lone Wolf was mentioned in Dessi legends as Kor-Skarn.

Author Joe Dever has stated that he admires his singleminded pursuit of his noble causes. He also stated that the comparisons between himself and the character are "few", and Lone Wolf is not his alter ego. Steve McQueen in The Great Escape was another inspiration for the character.[16]

In the novel series, Lone Wolf is a rather moody character, prone to fits of rage which make him a target for emotion-controlling attacks from time to time. He is slow to mature, both as a man and a Kai Lord; therefore his name appears quite fitting. His favorite weapon is the axe, although he also uses the Sommerswerd extensively.

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