A rare and valuable herb that can cure serious diseases and restore health. The beautiful golden leaves of oede are heavier than they look and feel clammy to the touch. Oede is only found in a few remote areas of Kalte. It is the only healing item capable of curing Limbdeath and Vaxelus. Like Oxydine, it can cure Korovax.

Gamebook rules Edit

  • Book 5, Shadow on the Sand:
    • Location: if Lone Wolf takes a wrong turn in the sewers of Barrakeesh, he will get infected with limbdeath, therefore the Oede will become the goal of the first part of the gamebook.
    • Uses: after treating limbdeath, the remaining dose of Oede can recover 10 Endurance points; anyway, it is better used as a trading item to obtain the Jewelled Mace from a vaxeler before entering Ikaresh.

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