Paido is a warrior-magician from the southern land of Dessi, from the folk of the Vakeros, allies of the Elder Magi.


Castle DeathEdit

Rimoah introduces Lone Wolf to Paido at the start of the Magnakai's quest for the Lorestone of Herdos. Paido serves as his guide to the Isle of Khor, to Kazan-Oud.

The Jungle of HorrorsEdit

He later joins Lone Wolf and is captured by Gnaag's forces.

The Dungeons of TorgarEdit

Paido resurfaces again in The Dungeons of Torgar. However, the reunion is brief; he is soon slain by Gnaag, and his soul is condemned to the Plane of Darkness.

The Curse of NaarEdit

Paido's soul is eventually found and recovered by Lone Wolf and sent to eternal rest on the Plane of Light.

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