Shamath is a vain demoness who tried to enter Magnamund aided by the summoning powers of Arch Druid Cadak. Concieved on the Plane of Darkness as Gnekasha. She was to transport the Deathstaff to the Maakengorge, to use it to resurrect the Darklord Vashna. This was the second attempt at doing so, the first having been perpetrated by Barraka, leader of a large group of bandits. Thanks to Lone Wolf both attempts failed.

Shamath was known for her riddles, and asks the most devious riddle ever posed to Lone Wolf. She is also a rival of Avarvae the Tormentress, possibly because both considered themselves to be the more beautiful, and because both were favored at different times by Naar. After failing to resurect Vashna, Naar punished Shamath by permanently marring her beauty and setting Avarvae to watch over her and live up to her namesake. Shamath has the resemblence of a human female. She is seven meters tall and strikingly beautiful. Her skin has deathly corpse-like pallor. She has long flowing black hair and goat-like horns that protrude from her forehead. On Magnamund appears five times her normal size and power. Shamath is the mistress of the Gates of Darkness.

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