The Silver Bow of Duadon is a magnificent Bow made from the wood of a Silver Oak tree. The bow can be won by Lone Wolf in an archery tournament in The Kingdoms of Terror versus the master archer Altan. Its bonus stacks with the Magnakai Discipline Weaponmastery: Bow.

Acquisition Edit

To acquire the bow, Lone Wolf must win the archery tournament in The Kingdoms of Terror. Getting to the final round is easy, but defeating Altan is hard: he has a combat skill of 28. However, the text does not say one cannot use armor (Silver Helm from The Caverns of Kalte) or psychic attacks.

Loss Edit

Lone Wolf can lose the Bow by trading it for Altan's horse immediately after the tournament. He can also lose the Bow in The Jungle of Horrors, if he visits the bowyery in Tharro.