Banedon’s flying ship given to him by the Elder Magi, it is a small craft no larger than a Unoram River barge with two triangular sails swept back either side of its curving prow. It has a high sharp prow and its streamlined wooden hull sports a keel not unlike a small war cruiser. A main cabin is mounted on the hull with a secondary one built on a higher level. The flying ships twin sails are triangular, stretching back from the prow on either side of the mast, towards prow of the vessel. There is a fortified platform raised several feet above the deck. The Skyrider runs by repulsive magnetism: it has magically-enhanced magnets that attract or repel vs. the planet's magnetism. It is crewed by dwarves.

The Skyrider is destroyed in book 18, during an attempt by Banedon and Lord Rimoah to break through the siege of the Kai Monastery. The Lavas managed to bring down the Skyrider, after which it burst into flames, although Banedon and Lord Rimoah survived. After Lone Wolf returned, he gave Banedon a new flying ship, the Cloud Dancer, as thanks for helping defend the monastery.