Darklord of Wicked Reaping. Slutar, or Darklord Slutar, is one of the 20 Darklords who attempted to conquer Magnamund for evil. He was dishonored after he assisted Lone Wolf in escaping the Darklands. Slutar has an ape-like, long, thick, coiled tail twitched seemingly uncontrollably. It is powerfully muscled and could move very quickly when used in battle. His body is covered in a thick luxurious blonde fur and he had a scaled head with a long horn on the brow. He is not as tall as Gnaag but he is much larger. Slutar has a wide mouth that seems to fill most of his face so that his eyes were crushed up against the corners. His jaws are like those of a vicious crocdile. He has a pair of larger eyes, one on each shoulder, which flit from side to side observing everything but showing little intelligence. These eyes remain opened when he sleeps and are linked to a secondary brain in his chest which sifts the information from them and then relays it to his primary brain.

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