War of Desecration was a period of conquest of Northern Magnamund by the Darklords led by Vashna, who took the title of Archlord which he did in MS 3192. His army began with hordes of Drakkarim. Vashna then surrounded himself with Vordaks, Kraan, Zlanbeast, Cryptspawn and Giaks spawned in his unfinished fortress, Helgedad. He began to smash his enemies with this fearsome army and extend the Darklands. The Sommlending, sent in MS 3434, stopped this army's advance and forced it into retreat, and this led to the beginning of the Helghast Wars. It was during this war that the darklord fortress cities were completed.

It marked the demise of the Shianti and heralded the rise of the Darklords in Northern Magnamund. It was also during this War that the Nebora and many other races, were exterminated

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