Wizard's Staff is a Shianti's primary combat weapon. It appears to be a normal quarterstaff but is stronger than metal. It can be used to create a destructive beam of energy at the expense of one or more Willpower points. The greater the range of the attack, the more Willpower points it takes. It can also be used in close combat where it takes one Willpower point per strike. The damage can be increased by expending more Willpower. For example, if two Willpower points are used, damage to the opponent will be doubled. If three Willpower points are used, the damage will be tripled and so on. It can also grant light to its bearer. At the expense of one Willpower point, it will shed a perpetual light that will extinguish itself only at the mental command of the bearer.

Other beings with magical abilities can use the Wizard's Staff even though they don't know Shianti magic.

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