The World of Lone Wolf is a series of four books written by Ian Page set in the southern part of the world of Magnamund (created by Joe Dever), following the adventures of Grey Star the Wizard - an orphan raised by the god-like Shianti. The game world was initially created for the Lone Wolf series of gamebooks.

In 2005 the gamebooks were made available for free download at Project Aon[1].

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The series plays for the most part at the tip of south-eastern Magnamund, in the land then known as the Shadakine Empire. A tyrant called Shasarak the Wytch-King has subjugated the people and with the help of seven Shadaki Wytches is ruling with an iron fist. The Shianti, members of a mystical race, wish to help, but because of their exile on the Isle of Lorn they are forced to remain neutral in the conflict.

However, one night the situation changes when a storm wrecks a vessel near the island, with a human infant being the only survivor. In this child the Shianti see a chance to help the people of Magnamund without breaking their vow to Ishir, and they raise the boy in the arts of magic, giving him the name Grey Star: the star as the symbol of hope, and grey for the white-grey streak the boy has in his dark hair.

Once his training is complete, Grey Star is sent out to retrieve the Moonstone, an ancient Shianti artefact, from the Daziarn, for only with its power can Shasarak be defeated. A series that takes place in the far Southern reaches of Magnamund and details the quest of Grey Star to recover the fabled Moonstone and destroy the Evil Shadakine Empire. The series was authored by Ian Page, edited by Joe Dever and illustrated by Paul Bonner.

1. Grey Star the Wizard -- Grey Star sets off across the Sea of Dreams to the Port of Suhn where he meets Shan Li and Tanith and is captured by Mother Magri. He escapes and journeys to Azanam where he hopes to find the Lost Tribe of Lara. After a dangerous journey and the death of his two companions, Grey Star finds the Kundi.


  • Grey Star: The series main character and the hero the player has to guide through the series. Wielding the power of sorcery, he is, however, still a stripling, not knowing the ways of the world beyond the Isle of Lorn. Also, magic is his only effective weapon; if his magic power (measured as Will Points) is drained, he is extremely vulnerable.
  • Tanith: An apprentice to the Shadakine Wytch Mother Magri of Suhn, who rebels against her mistress and becomes Grey Star's most frequent companion. While it is never explicitly indicated, it is likely that she has fallen in love with Grey Star, and that this is her main motivation in aiding him and even sacrificing her freedom for his sake. On the outside cold, calculating and cynical, she still remains a vulnerable girl and thus fulfills the role of the helpless damsel in distress to be saved by the hero. Her magic is specialized in the skill of manipulating animals.
  • Shasarak: The main adversary of Grey Star is the ruler of the Shadakine Empire, a tyrant thirsty for power, even to the point where he seeks the demon Agarash's aid to conquer the rest of the world. His face, partially covered by an iron mask, is horribly disfigured, due to an experiment gone awry. During the course of the quest it is revealed that he is actually a renegade Shianti.
  • Urik: a shaman of the Kundi, a race of ape-men who have the ability to see Shadow Gates (which lead into the Daziarn) and have had long-standing bonds of friendship with the Shianti. This wily character likes to keep his enemies off balance, but his magic and knowledge prove to be valuable assets during the quest.
  • Samu: A member of the ebony-skinned Masbaté, and their king. Originally enslaved by Warward Kiro of Karnali, he breaks his chains with the help of Grey Star and helps him to reach the Shadow Gate which transports the young wizard to the Daziarn. Afterwards he happens to find the remainder of his people - of whom he had thought himself to be the last - and joins the Freedom Guild when Grey Star returns to Magnamund. He is very strong and a remarkable swordsman.
  • Sado of the Long Knife: Leader of the resistance movement called the Freedom Guild, who becomes an important ally in the final struggle against Shasarak. The Freedom Fighters are noted for the veils they wear to cover the lower parts of their faces.
  • Shan Li: A rotund, jovial merchant who has travelled much of Magnamund. He meets Grey Star in the Port of Suhn where they were imprisoned together. They escape with the aid of Tanith and headed for Azanam. Shan Li always argues with and mistrusts Tanith, but proves to be a reliable companion nonetheless. However, he is killed by Quoku before he and Grey Star can reach their destination.


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