Zahda was an evil sorcerer who took over the castle on the Isle of Khor for his own. This occurred sometime since Sun Eagle came to Dessi. With his magic, he coupled the energy of the Lorestone of Herdos to a Doomstone from the realm of Naaros to give himself a great power. He has white hair and a gaunt body.

The Elder Magi became aware of this danger and they attempted to destroy him. But they failed and so, they created a prison of energy around the island to imprison Zahda inside his fortress, Kazan-Oud.


Castle DeathEdit

Zahda captures Lone Wolf during quest for the Lorestone of Herdos. Zahda then tosses the Magnakai Lord into the Maze of Zahda, a dungeon even more deadly than Kazan-Oud. When Lone Wolf finally battles Zahda, though, several different outcomes can happen.

Combat StatsEdit

If Lone Wolf destroys Zahda's Doomstone first:

  • Combat Skill: 23
  • Endurance: 45

He is immune to Mindblast, but not Psi-Surge. Possessing Huntmastery grants Combat Skill+2.

If Lone Wolf attacks directly:

  • Combat Skill: 25
  • Endurance: 45

He is immune to Mindblast, but not Psi-Surge.

Possessing the Sommerswerd makes this fight is more difficult, but only if Lone Wolf doesn't destroy the Doomstone first:

He is immune to both Mindblast and Psi-Surge.

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