Zantaz, known as Lord of the Pit, is the warrior-god whom the Drakkarim worshipped. Also known as Reaper of Gloom, Armourer of the Fell Legions and Guardian of the Gate of Dragonflame. It is said that he presides over a 'deep realm of rock, iron, steel and flame'. He is tasked by the Dark God with equipping the fell champions of Naar with weapons of power. He is clad from horned helm to booted foot in glowing black plate armor. He is an arms length taller than a grown man and he has no mindforce at all.

The 'Gate of Dragonflame' is the only way out of Zantaz's realm. Yet to do so one needs to defeat Zantaz in mortal combat and cast his body into the 'Pit of Darkflame', from whence he shall be reborn.

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